To The Nations

The Bible is clear when it instructs followers of Jesus to be an ambassador for Him and spread His name everywhere. There are dozens of verses that refer to ‘every tribe, tongue and nation’ and our duty to spread the Gospel.

This command looks differently for everyone, and I want to share how the Lord is using me to fulfill this calling!

My first big adventure was spending two months in one of our nation’s most segregated cities, bringing healing and restoration to such a broken place by the power of the Gospel. The summer after my freshman year of college I ventured to Milwaukee, WI to live on mission with twelve other students.

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In November of my sophomore year of college the Lord called me to go on a Vision Trip to East Asia. I believe the Lord had/has many reasons for bringing me there, and I’m almost certain (Lord willing) that I will return to that beautiful place!

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The fall of what would have been my junior year of college, God placed Patmos: Reality Discipleship in my path. This is a four month intensive discipleship program committed to training up Christians to be willing to go anywhere and do anything for the sake of the gospel.

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Let the adventures continue…