Makin’ With A Mission

Hi! If you don’t know me, my name’s Alyssa. I’m currently a college student navigating my God-given talents and interests and learning how I can use those to glorify Him. I wouldn’t say I’m artistic, but I do love to build, take photos, and make crafts! I’m also super passionate about Jesus, and shining His light in corners around the world.


All this brings us here: to my latest project. Makin’ With A Mission is a hobby I’ve given a name that provides you with the tangible and intangible. By purchasing a craft I’ve made, you not only receive said piece of work, but you also get to be apart of bringing hope to the world! All proceeds go towards supporting my mission work, or that of others. This is a 100% guarantee! As trips come and go, I will be keeping you updated via my blog & Facebook so you can remain in the loop on how your investment is changing lives!

Currently, all of the proceeds are going towards a four month journey called Patmos. You can read more about this program here.

To view pieces that are currently for sale, click here.

To view pieces that have been sold, but designs available to you, click here.

To request a custom piece, drop a comment below or email me at