Final Countdown [week 9]


Time is weird…

What is time?

Why do the days seem to go by slow, but the weeks fly by?



It feels like just yesterday that we were strangers arriving in Milwaukee, unaware of all that God would do. These last two months went by in a flash- it seems impossible that it’s over now.

But as brothers and sisters in Christ, we know that this is not the end.

We’ve been able to grow forever friendships during our time here and I am confident that no matter where the Lord calls each of us in life, I will always be able to call them and pick up right where we left off.

And if I don’t see them again on this earth, I know it’s going to be a party in heaven. 😉

Alexis, Liz, Danielle, Gloria, Sadie, Donovan, Jay, Summer, Jacob, Austin, Scott, and Jordan-

Thank you so much for your pursuit of Jesus. For the way you’ve opened yourself to the Spirit, that you’re heart would be transformed and grown in ways you never thought possible. Thank you for loving me, being patient with me, growing me, challenging me, and pointing me to Christ. Each and every one of you has made a lasting impact on my time here in Milwaukee and I’ve been able to learn so much from you guys. Praise the Lord for this team we’ve been blessed to be a part of!


This security I have, that I know I will see my team again, comes from perspective.

Our lives compared to eternity is a dot on a never ending line. They are not insignificant, but they are so small.

Because I have an eternal perspective (and because of Christ’s strength), I know I can endure all things.

Sometimes it’s challenging to be excited about something that’s so far in the future, but let me give you a few reasons why we should be pumped about heaven (Revelation 19-22):

  • God will bring his Kingdom to earth
  • All evil and wickedness, a product of the fall (Genesis 3), will be done away with
  • We will be on earth in new, glorified bodies
  • We will praise Christ, but also be able to serve
  • There will be no more pain, suffering, injustice, or death

These truths are difficult to wrap our minds around, as they are so far from the reality we are currently living in, but that’s just it… these are truths and no matter how hard it is to accept its still true!!

So, I want to ask you a question…

Are you going to live for the dot or the line?


This week was bittersweet as we experienced many “lasts”- our last Bible study together, our last meal together, our last church service together.

Saying good bye to my mission team was hard enough, but add on the good byes to my coworkers and kids and I was just overwhelmed.

It’s been such a blast to work for PeppNation and a daycare this summer! My coworkers, who quickly became friends, made work easy and the kids…

Oh, the kids… I have loved children since I was a child myself, but the Lord has been using this summer to reveal to me the extent and realness of my passion for kids. I think he just may use this somewhere in my future!

Despite leaving them, I cannot complain about getting to snuggle my favorite baby and having him fall asleep on my chest for a few hours on my last day at the daycare. And at PeppNation we were able to play our last la crosse game before receiving hugs from each of the kids. I don’t know if this made it easier or harder to leave??


Following work on Friday our team headed to the Wisconsin Dells for an end of mission retreat. We concluded with a couple hours of reflection and debriefing and spent the rest of the time in the water park! The boys went paint balling too.

Savoring every last second with each other, the girls had a sleepover in our common area our last night in MKE. 🙂


It’s been a crazy, busy, eye opening, life changing, super fun, and challenging nine weeks serving the Lord in the city of Milwaukee. The girl who arrived on May 31st is not the same girl leaving on August 1st and it’s all because of the work of Jesus. I am blessed beyond belief and will forever treasure this sweet, sweet season of life.

I also want to say thank you to you- your support throughout my trip has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. This wouldn’t have been possible without your prayerful and financial investment, so thank you a bunch. Also thank you for reading up on what God has been doing each week! I’m so grateful for you!!

God bless. 🙂