(ABS)olutely (6 Tips For a 6 Pack)

You train abs a couple times a week, thinking that doing 100 crunches will gain you your hard earned 6 pack. This, however, isn’t necessarily the case! Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep, or discover, your tight core!

  1. Lighten Up
    • This may go against anything you’ve ever heard, but don’t worry so much about specifically working your abs. Training them once or twice a week should be plenty, as you work your abdominal muscles with many of the other lifts you already do. Your diet is also a key factor in maintaining a tight core. Fuel your body with optimal food (on top of taking your favorite AdvoCare supplements) and your body will reward you.  “Simply getting strong, being athletic, and rocking it in the gym will get you a big part of the way there. The rest is details and small lifestyle choices.” -Shannon Clark, bodybuilding.com.
  2. Snack!!
    • Yes, snacking is okay! If done properly, of course. Trying to maintain or gain visible abs does NOT mean you have to be hungry all the time. Actually, hunger is your enemy. Eating every 3-4 hours will help sidetrack hunger and maximize protein synthesis, which is how your body builds muscle. Bring snacks from home with you when you’re on the go to avoid high calorie, high sugar snacks.
  3. Be Prepared
    • Most of us are busy and constantly on the go. When cooking isn’t an option, prepare meals ahead of time and store them in Tupperware containers. This will make it easy to take your meal with you and reheat it, so you don’t have to settle for greasy fast food.
  4. Speak Up
    • Eating out doesn’t have to be your downfall. Simply ask for your burger without the bun, a salad or veggies instead of fries, and/or water instead of pop. Most restaurants are able and willing to accommodate to these types of requests, as many people are gluten-free or on low carb. If you’re going somewhere new, check the menu online before heading out!
  5. On The Go
    • Eating healthy at home is one thing, but what about traveling? No problem! Despite airports offering ‘healthy’ snacks, they come at a hefty price. Plan ahead and pack your own snack. Beef jerky, rice cakes, and apples are all easy things to bring along.
  6. Tech Savy
    • If you don’t have time to prepare meals, aren’t sure where to start, or just enjoy the convenience, there are many online stores that allow you to customize your meal plan and they will ship you prepped meals for the week. On top of ordering your AdvoCare products of course!

Remember- abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.

Eat like a champion!


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