Intricately Woven [Saturday]

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One thought on “Intricately Woven [Saturday]

  1. Psalm 139;23-24; I certainly believe and am confident that God knows my heart but I do struggle with “test me and know my anxious thoughts.” I have difficulty grasping the meaning of that, I am sure I am “tested” all the time in many aspects but need clarity with “my anxious thoughts.” I am processing that God watches over me and helps me with anxious thoughts but not sure how the testing of that phrase occurs. Maybe it is as simple as I recognize the anxious thought with Gods help and identify it and realize its not healthy because if I think in terms of food, it’s in anxious moments, I grab something, a snack of some sort, to ease my craving of anxiousness. Hmm, seems muddled to think and write it but I think God is helping with clarity…in this circumstance.


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